Success at the DLT Fablab on Blockchain

On 30 March, the DLT Blockchain Fablab was held as part of the training activities of the DIGITEC project.

This event took place in Íhano (Portugal) and had the purpose of developing training activities for the transmission of knowledge in blockchain and advanced digital technologies.  

The Fablab held in Íhano (Portugal) was carried out by TICE. Activities and challenges were carried out to solve challenges on sustainable agriculture, rural development and fair trade, as well as the problem of product and food waste. DLT HEDERA infrastructure was used for this series of activities and challenges to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The objective of this event was to collaborate in certain blockchain developments focused on sustainable agriculture, rural development, fair trade and the problem of product and food waste in order to value and create tools to improve the agri-food sector.

Here are some photos of the event.